About the Maresfield Conservation Group (MCG)

The Maresfield Conservation Group (MCG) was formed by a small group of local village volunteers in 1991 when a large waste disposal site was proposed at Budletts roundabout at the foot of School Hill along with other planning issues within the Parish. Major Graham Allt was elected Chairman at the first Annual General Meeting on 10th July 1991.

The Group became a registered charity on 4th June 2004. It started of with about 50 members, and this number has grown over the years to nearly 300 today.

The Group has raised funds for the village and been involved in many projects over the years. They have contributed towards the following village assets:

- flood lighting of the church tower.

- the restoration of the church clock.

- the restoration of the Victorian street lights at the recreation ground, School Hill cemetery and on the    church wall beside the lych gate. 

Each year bulbs have been planted along the three roads which lead to the village centre. Flower tubs have been positioned throughout the village and a flower bed was created in the car park opposite St Bartholomews church. In the spring of 2016 three planters were purchased and installed at each of the three entrances to the village. These planters are maintained by the Group's members. 

Following the Maresfield adopted traffic plan, traffic calming measures were implemented on School Hill, Batts Bridge road and the Straight Half Mile. A 20mph zone was also introduced from just before the entrance to Bonners school, up to the village hall and to the local village shop.

Regular 'Village clean-up days' are organised in the spring and in the autumn. The Group's members and local volunteers clear litter on an ongoing basis.

Social events are held throughout the year and include a quiz night, a Winter supper and a Summer supper.  

For many years Ann Thompson has, with the assistance of the Group, organised a plant stall raising substantial funds for the fete organisers, the village hall and the MCG

Village organisations benefiting from the fund raising include the village hall. The MCG has given assistance with replacing chairs and tables; insulation when the central heating system was renewed and equipment for the kitchen and Lunch Club. To contact Maresfield village hall please email maresfieldvillagehall@gmail.com or visit their website

For several years MCG has provided, erected and installed lights on a large Christmas tree in the centre of the village. The Group also organise with the Church an event for the lighting of the tree and carol service which is followed by the serving of mulled wine and mince pies.

Footpaths Group

In December 2014 the Footpaths Group, was reformed under the leadership of John Smith. This small group of local village volunteers meet every Wednesday morning and spend their time maintaining the footpaths in Maresfield village, as well as those footpaths on the rights of way in Maresfield Parish. They have also repaired or replaced many stiles along the footpaths and installed the planters at the road entrances to the village. They are kept busy with the maintenance work which is not undertaken by the Councils.

The footpath from Maresfield to Uckfield was opened up by a small team of volunteers led by Dick Thompson.