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Members of the MCG Executive Committee

Committee meetings usually take place on the first Wednesday of most months.
​Some Committee members and other members of MCG also act as "collectors". The collectors deliver the MCG newsletters and collect the annual subscriptions from members who choose to pay cash.

Jo Lawrance - Chairman 

Jo was elected as Chairman of MCG at the 2021 Annual General Meeting of the Group. Jo grew up in East Sussex and first lived in Maresfield during the 90s when her two boys attended a local school. She moved back to the village in February 2020, just in advance of the national lockdown. Obliged to work from home, Jo seized the opportunity to go for long daily walks, rediscovering the beautiful footpaths and rich history of Maresfield. This motivated her into joining the MCG and, subsequently, the Footpaths Group. Jo works full time as a civil servant, specialising in strategic communications and business management. She's passionate about conservation, in particular the environment, culture and our heritage.

Rob Penfold

Rob has lived in Maresfield for over 3 years. You will have seen him each December on scaffolding working on the Village Christmas tree.

Terence Brady - Treasurer

Terence agreed to join the Committee in the role of Treasurer.

Ian Shaw

Ian moved to the village from London in 2013. He has a wife Cathy. They are semi-retired and love spending time in their garden. Ian’s role on the committee is to assist wherever he can and help with all local village events.

Stan Sadowski- Membership Secretary

Stan moved to Maresfield in 2008 with Sylvie and Rosie the parrot. Daughter and son with grandsons live in Croydon and Barcombe. He is a retired civil servant and now regularly spends time supporting handicapped people in Uckfield. Stan looks after the Group's website.

Alexis Clark


Alexis joined the Committee at the 2018 Annual General Meeting of the Group.

Bruce Milton

Bruce joined the Committee at the 2021 Annual General Meeting of the Group. Bruce and Kim moved to Maresfield three years ago. Following the retirement of John Smith from the Group, Bruce has stepped in to lead the footpaths group. Hobbies include archaeology and brewing beer.

Jacqui Royal

Jacqui moved to Maresfield early in 2019 and joined the Committee at the 2019 AGM. Formerly a marketing consultant, she's spent the last 20 years as a Mental Health professional and hopes to help raise awareness of the MCG's efforts and activities.

Stephany Reed-Perkins


Stephany has lived in the village since 2006 off and on, latterly since 2016. Stephany works as a Postie in the surrounding areas. Stephany is interested in all things Maresfield and hopes that as a committee member of the Maresfield Conservation Group she will be able to make a positive contribution to life in the village.

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