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Underhill residents are upset and angry by the lack of consultation regarding the newly installed railings by the bridge, over the trout stream, in their lane.

During the week beginning 13th January, residents in Underhill were shocked to find that the old wooden bridge had been replaced with large concrete posts and steel fencing as shown in the following photographs.

A concerned resident in Underhill wrote a letter of complaint to Wealden District Council as follows:

“As you may be aware, the old rotten wooden posts and steel railings over the stream here where I live in Underhill were suddenly replaced last week without warning to either the Parish Council or ourselves.


Unfortunately to our collective dismay what replaced them were ugly tall concrete posts and thick steel railings more suited to a storm drain in a town or city than a peaceful trout stream in a local beauty spot close to the Conservation Area – I attach photos for ease of reference. The result is an incongruous eyesore and has spoilt the rural nature of that area, where many walkers liked to stand and gaze at the attractive bridge with the water tumbling underneath and disappearing into the fields beyond.


Please would you consider replacing the awful concrete with wood again, or even the imitation wooden posts which were used in the High Street?  The thick railings also stand out like a sore thumb and their unforgiving continuous loop won’t ever soften with age.


I understand that the Parish Council and many of my neighbours will also be writing to you to ask you to consider changing the materials used to something more sympathetic to the rural environment and I look forward to hearing from you.”

The sentiments expressed in this letter were echoed by other Underhill residents. Members of the Committee of the MCG visited the site of these railings and concurred with the view that that they are not at all appropriate for this special rural area. They also agreed that the lack of consultation or pre-warning to the Parish Council was highly regrettable. The Chairman of the MCG has now put this topic on the agenda for the next meeting of the Committee.

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