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Earlier activities

Some of our footpaths group members were involved in the planting of brand new oak trees at the recreation ground.

They also helped in the replacement of the picnic bench in the play area of the recreation ground. The picnic bench installed earlier this year was unfortunately vandalised. With help from Maresfield Parish Council funds we were able to purchase another picnic table and seat the bench with sturdier ground fastenings.

New picnic table at Maresfield Recreation ground

Planters installed round the village during May 2016.

Planter at bottom of school hill
Planter at Lampool corner
Planter near to village entrance at Batts Bridge roundabout
Volunteers helping at our village clean-up day
Volunteers helping at our Village clean-up day
Village clean up day

Our village clean up days

The old white posts that used to be around the church wall on the high street were badly in need of replacement.

In June 2017 they were replaced with new and more modern posts.  

Our footpaths group, headed by Bruce Milton go out every Wednesday to help clear up the footpaths in and around the village.

The photos here show the area by Maresfield underpass.

repairing the footpath near the bypass
relaying the footpath near Rabbity lane
repairing the footpath near the bypass
Repairing the footpath near the bypass
Relaying the footpath near Rabbity lane

The School Hill cemetery project took place back in summer of 2016. This involved the removal of 2 tree stumps and roots. The wall in the cemetery was then rebuilt. 

Tree root removal project at the cemetary on School Hill
School Hill cemetary project
School Hill cemetary project
Digger removing the tree stump at School Hill cemetary
The new wall at School Hill cemetary
Tree root removal at School Hill cemetary
Graveyard at School Hill cemetary
School Hill cemetary project
The new wall in School Hill cemetary
New white posts around church
Old white rails in desperate need of repair
New white posts around church
Old white rails around church
Old white rails around church
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