Postcards from Maresfield in World War 1

Below are a set of postcards sent from Maresfield during World War 1 by Frederick George Read of 6th Battalion, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment).


Frederick was killed on 9 August 1917 when he was 21 years old. He is commemorated on the Arras Memorial.

Maresfield Church

Maresfield Park entrance

Maresfield Park

The seat of Prince Munster

Maresfield Park

The seat of Prince Munster

This is a very nice little church - evidently very old. Gets crowded out every Sunday

This is the main entrance to the camp.

This was formerly the residence of a German Prince who cleared out about 2 days before the war. It is not far away from our office.

Another view of the house- It is now used as the Brigade office

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