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School Hill Graveyard

Extensive damage to the retaining wall at the School Hill Graveyard was caused by 2 trees growing there. Around 10 years ago the trees were cut down leaving very large stumps and roots entwined within the wall. After consultation with the Church and Parochial Church Council in September 2014, agreement was reached for the removal of the tree stumps and roots. Initially this entailed removing loose bricks from around the roots. The photographs bellow show the damage and the repair work carried out.

This was undertaken by volunteers from the Conservation Group and the Church. Next followed the grinding out of the stumps and roots. This work required a professional contractor which was completed by mid-September 2014 and funded by the Conservation Group. It was a Church requirement that the wall needed to be examined and assessed by a Church architect before any repair was carried out. The rebuilding of the church wall was financed by the Church back in spring 2016.

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