Back in March 2020 the monetary balance held by The Maresfield Village Fete was transferred into a Maresfield Conservation Group (MCG) savings account to be held pending the formation of a new village fete committee.  This will be held for a period of three years.  If no new committee is formed during this time then the money, plus any interest accrued, will be equally divided and distributed to The Village Hall, The Recreation Ground, The Church and the MCG.  

Maresfield Village Fete assets also include such things as Marquees, Tents, Banners etc. etc. most of which, if not all, are stored in a locked shed located in the village.  It was our intention to draw up a list of these assets back in February/March but unfortunately the wet weather was against us at that time and was then quickly followed up with the lockdown!  This meant everything had to remain on hold.

On Thursday 16 July, John Smith, myself and two members of the footpaths group, Bruce and Dave, met up to clear the shed and make an inventory.  However, as soon as the door was opened it was obvious that there was a severe rat infestation with droppings and urine everywhere.  Some of the marquees/tents have holes in them where the rats have chewed into them.  It looks as though they have made a nest in the box containing the tug of war rope, this has now been disposed of. It's unclear as to just what can be salvaged at this moment in time.  We cleared as much as we could and have put down rat poison.  Hopefully this will enable us to get back in there in the near future.  As well as taking stock of the damage everything in there will need to be cleaned with disinfectant before any future use.  HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT TAKING PART IN A BIT OF DIRTY WORK?  However, this is legal dirty work and we could do with all the help we can get for this. It will probably will take most of the day one weekend and couple of hours here and there would be much appreciated.  Just give John Smith a call (01825 714683 if you are willing and able to give us a hand.

You will see by the before and after photographs taken on the day the extent of the problem.

Pat Palmer




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