Dear MCG member and neighbour,

In light of the current medical and government advice, I am afraid that the MCG are now no longer in a position to organise and run the “Village clean up” day under our name.  This has now been postponed until later this year.

At the present time we are all receiving advice from the government and it is up to responsible bodies to be seen to heed this and take appropriate action, which is what we are doing. However as individuals at the present time we are all free to make our own choices.

To that end we understand a group of villagers still intend to meet at 09:30 on Saturday to carry on with the clean up. Whereas this is not an officially sanctioned MCG event, we fully understand why individuals want to carry on this worthwhile task.

If you are one of those, we would ask that you exercise extra care to protect yourselves from infection, and suggest that where possible maintain a safe distance from each other and also follow the hygiene guidance currently being promoted.

We all hope that this dreadful situation will be resolved soon, and trust that you all remain safe and well until then.


Kind regards,


Pat Palmer 


Maresfield Conservation Group

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