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Village clean up days


Everbody on the village is invited to join in with our regular village clean up days.


Have a walk round with your friends and family to see how much rubbish you can collect. A satisfying few hours that produces excellent results.

All equipment and materials (pickers, sacks, HiViz vests) are provided for you.

12/13 September 2020

A smaller than usual, but dedicated bunch of 15 socially distanced volunteers collected 14 bags of rubbish around the village.

Unsurprisingly, there was less litter than usual this year, even though the collection area extended further than usual.

27/28 March 2021

Maresfield is looking lovely and tidy thanks to a record number helping with this Spring Clean-up weekend. 30 volunteers were out collecting litter as well as washing the White Posts on the High Street by the Church.

Several residents also pick up litter on an ongoing basis and this is greatly appreciated.

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