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Maresfield Conservation Area

​The Maresfield Conservation Area designated by East Sussex County Council (ESCC) is a small part of the area within the remit of the Maresfield Conservation Group (MCG). Conservation Areas are designated areas of special architectural or historic interest which are to be conserved or enhanced. Local planning authorities are obliged to designate as Conservation Areas any parts of their own area that are of such special interest that it is desirable to preserve or enhance their character and appearance.


The first Conservation Areas were designated in 1967 and there are now over 8000 Conservation Areas in England.

The Maresfield Conservation Area was original confined to limited parts of the centre of Maresfield around St Bartholomews Church. In 2017 the designated area was substantially extended. The boundaries of the original and 2017 areas can be seen by clicking the button below.

The constitution of the MCG applies to the whole of the village of Maresfield and surrounding areas. This includes but is not limited to the ESCC designated conservation area.

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