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The Maresfield Footpaths group, led by John Smith, is a group of local volunteers, some from the Conservation Group who meet regularly to maintain the footpaths in and around the village.

​​It is now just over four years since the Maresfield Footpaths group started looking after the footpaths in the parish (Maresfield, Nutley and Fairwarp). Apart from short breaks during the summer and at Christmas and a few days lost due to weather conditions they have been out each Wednesday morning.

During 2016 every stile in the parish was replaced with the exception of four which, at the time of inspection, were considered sound. Steps were also installed on a slippery slope in the forest and other steps that were covered in twigs and many years of leaf mould were cleared.

Each summer brings new growth which threatens to block many of the footpaths and the Footpaths Group have been active in cutting this back. Some footpaths, with vigorous hedge, nettle and bramble growth need maintaining more often than once a year. Fallen trees that were blocking footpaths have been cleared and there is a list of ‘suspect’ trees and branches that may need maintenance in the future. With the ‘stile building’ activities completed the group can now devote more time to the clearance and upkeep of the paths.

In carrying out these activities which, hopefully, add to the amenity of the parish (and certainly any walking groups that are encountered while working are most appreciative), the group has obtained the permission of the landowners who have all been extremely helpful. We look forward to another active year of maintaining these footpaths.

If you would like to join the Footpaths group or for further information please contact John directly by email:

You can read John's latest Footpaths report here.

Read the Footpaths group report from October 2017: Maresfield Footpaths Group report

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Tidying up at Lampool Corner, Autumn 2020

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