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Local group SABRE (Stop Ashdown Business PaRk Expansion) is raising awareness of the proposed 77 acre expansion of the business park and also the proposal to build 2,000 houses at Owlsbury Farm, which would extend from the Bell Lane Industrial Estate along the Uckfield By-pass almost as far as Little Horsted

You can visit their website here and view their guide to responding to the Wealden Council consultation here. The deadline for responses is 10th May. Please note the consultation period has now ended.


Cllr Roy Galley commented “We have until May 10th to reply. If you don’t then please don’t moan in a few years’ time about the traffic and environmental damage!”

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As we are all too well aware, developments of all kinds are a feature of life today. With increasing population and changing family patterns, the demand for more and more housing is all around us.

The Conservation Group takes a close interest in proposed developments in Maresfield, in particular in the Conservation Area.

The rules governing planning allow for members of the public to examine and comment on planning applications. The purpose of this website is to provide information about such applications and guidance about making comments to Wealden District Council (WDC), which is the planning authority for the Maresfield area.

Wealden District Council is preparing a new Local Plan which includes the Parish of Maresfield. The Local Plan will be the key planning document for the District up to 2040. Detailed information is given on the WDC website

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