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Village footpaths

The Maresfield Footpaths group, led by Bruce Milton, is a group of local volunteers, some from the Conservation Group who meet regularly to maintain the footpaths in and around the village.

​​It is now just over four years since the Maresfield Footpaths group started looking after the footpaths in the parish (Maresfield, Nutley and Fairwarp). Apart from short breaks during the summer and at Christmas and a few days lost due to weather conditions they have been out each Wednesday morning.

During 2016 every stile in the parish was replaced with the exception of four which, at the time of inspection, were considered sound. Steps were also installed on a slippery slope in the forest and other steps that were covered in twigs and many years of leaf mould were cleared.

Each summer brings new growth which threatens to block many of the footpaths and the Footpaths Group have been active in cutting this back. Some footpaths, with vigorous hedge, nettle and bramble growth need maintaining more often than once a year. Fallen trees that were blocking footpaths have been cleared and there is a list of ‘suspect’ trees and branches that may need maintenance in the future. With the ‘stile building’ activities completed the group can now devote more time to the clearance and upkeep of the paths.

In carrying out these activities which, hopefully, add to the amenity of the parish (and certainly any walking groups that are encountered while working are most appreciative), the group has obtained the permission of the landowners who have all been extremely helpful. We look forward to another active year of maintaining these footpaths.

If you would like to join the Footpaths group or for further information please contact John directly by email:

You can read John's latest Footpaths report here.

Read the Footpaths group report from October 2017: Maresfield Footpaths Group report

Planting of oak trees

Some of the Footpaths group members were involved in the planting of 7 brand new oak trees at the recreation ground during October 2017. These new oak trees were to replace the original oak trees which lined Park Farm lane, on the border of the recreation ground. The Conservation Group made a financial donation to the Maresfield Recreation Ground committee (as part of the Maresfield Parish Council) towards the cost of the new trees.

Maresfield in 1840'

In 2017 we had Clive Brook's 'Maresfield in 1840' booklet reprinted. You can find this book for sale in Maresfield village post office. Clive wrote the first version of this book in 1997. He was prompted to write it out of sheer curiosity about the history of Church Cottage and in particular about the names and occupations of the families who lived there in 1840.

Read more about Maresfield history by clicking on the "About...." tab at the top of the page.

School Hill Graveyard

Extensive damage to the retaining wall at the School Hill Graveyard was caused by 2 trees growing there. Around 10 years ago the trees were cut down leaving very large stumps and roots entwined within the wall. After consultation with the Church and Parochial Church Council (PCC) in September 2014, agreement was reached for the removal of the tree stumps and roots. Initially this entailed removing loose bricks from around the roots. The photographs bellow show the damage and the repair work carried out.

This was undertaken by volunteers from the Conservation Group and the Church. Next followed the grinding out of the stumps and roots. This work required a professional contractor which was completed by mid-September 2014 and funded by the Conservation Group. It was a Church requirement that the wall needed to be examined and assessed by a Church architect before any repair was carried out. The rebuilding of the church wall was financed by the Church back in spring 2016.

​​​​​​​​​​Village planters

In May 2016 a planter was installed on the embankment at Mill House Farm near to Budletts roundabout. In June the same year more planters were installed at the village gateway sign on Batts Bridge road, and on Lampool corner (on the side of the road opposite to the road leading to Fairwarp).

In the church car park a flower bed was created. All these planters and beds have been installed and maintained by the Maresfield Conservation Group members.

Grass cutting

The Conservation Group have handed over the responsibility for grass cutting within the Village of Maresfield to East Sussex County Council as of April 2017.

Members should contact the Chairman with any questions about the grass cutting contract.

​​Replacement of white rails around the church

The white plastic posts on the high street and which run past one side of Maresfield church were installed in June 2017. The previous wooden ones, although a classic feature of the village, were rotting and beyond repair. The Conservation Group had discussions with East Sussex County Council (ESCC) regarding replacement of the wooden posts and in June 2017 ESCC carried out and funded the replacement of the wooden posts with what you can see today.



Maresfield recreation ground play area

During November 2016 the play area at Maresfield Recreation Ground was completely refurbished with new play equipment and new fencing. Later that month the MCG gave a wooden picnic table for the use of the parents and grandparents while the children were playing. In April 2017 sadly, the picnic table was vandalised and had to be removed. Over the summer the picnic table was greatly missed.

In October 2017 the MCG purchased and installed a new picnic table with a metal frame (with help from a contribution made by Maresfield Parish Council). We also installed a new wooden bench funded by MCG. Hopefully these assets will remain intact and can be enjoyed by everyone who uses the Play Area.


Village clean up days

Everbody on the village is invited to join in with our regular village clean up days. All equipment and materials are provided for you to have a walk round with your friends and family to see how many sacks of rubbish you can collect. A satisfying few hours that produces excellent results.

Notice Board by Church side gate

The notice board by the side gate adjacent to the war memorial in the church yard was completely overgrown and unusable. The Conservation Group got stuck in and the notice board is again fit for purpose as shown below.

                Before                                          During


Poster during.jpg
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